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Some effective customer service tips and Guide

Customer service is known to be a source of viral examples of unsuccessful email exchanges. While some things can only be fun, others can offer you nightmares in customer service.

Do not use automatic answers

Although sending "canned" answers may seem appropriate, there are many more "disadvantages" than "professionals." The biggest danger, however, is that a situation in which your customer is currently located may not respond, which does not help.

Most of the time, the "one size fits all" answer is invalid because it does not answer a question or provide partial information.

Very often pre-recorded answers not only do not answer all the questions, but above all convey the impression that they make fun of everything. This is one of the key reasons customers leave the company, according to a Rockefeller Foundation study.

Help where you can

Do not just say that you send the request to the managers. If you can solve or advise part of the problem, do it! Do not say that it is not your job. Do not limit yourself to passing responsibility on to others.

An answer that promises to send the customer's request to a competent service appears to be "suspicious", as it may indicate that a customer must wait to re-explain his problem.

If you do not know how to help a customer, just say, "I do not know, but I know it." I am sure that the customer appreciates your honesty.

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Use a random language

A recent study by  and W.P. The Carey School of Business and the Center for Services Leadership, known as the Customer Rage Study, found that 76% of customers who requested help or reported a complaint were more likely to speak in everyday language than under script form. Only 32% of them were randomly spoken.

In addition, the results of a survey conducted by Software Advice showed that customers prefer informal responses from customer service representatives to formal responses (65% to 35%), except in negative or very serious situations.

Do Not write as  business robot

Robot texts are not only formal and they lack emotions. They are also abundant in the commands: "Do that, follow that, click, open, etc." Do you really want to look like a boring tyrant? Or finish your instructions with a dry command like this: "If it does not work, tell me"?

In surveys of 1,000 companies dealing with customer support, we find that 36% of companies send their responses to a business rather than a real person. Instead of looking like a robot, you can only be human. And if there is something good in the customer's e-mail, eg. Congratulate, show emotions, be exciting, have fun, be human!

Say thank you

Yes, the principle of courtesy works wonders and is always appreciated.

According to the 2014 American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, courtesy of customers is seen as the third behavior of customer service representatives.

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This is jack Carson and I am a big fan of  online business and I do love to share my thoughts and IT view about different topics. stay tune and get update and applied Method of  technology. 

This is jack  and I am a big fan of online business and I do love to share my thoughts and IT view about different topics. stay tune and get update and applied Method of technology. 

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